If you dream about your sibling, perhaps you need to look at something from a different perspective.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Dreaming about your sister or brother might reflect how you feel about them at present. If the dream was positive, then you may be in a good place with your sibling, however if it was negative, perhaps your relationship needs work. Do you have any unresolved issues from your childhood together?

If you and your sibling don’t get on- dreaming of them can represent feelings of loss, conflict or be linked to bad habits or self-defeatist beliefs you have about yourself.

If you consider your sibling not only family but a friend- the dream could be telling you to seek help from someone more experienced than you. Or listen to others as they may have a better idea than yours either at home or in your professional life.

If you have more than one sibling and they all appeared in your dream- each one is a different representation of some aspect of yourself. If you liked them- chances are you accept this side of your personality, however if you didn’t- perhaps you need to make some changes. Pay close attention to their actions as this might reflect an action of your own that you regretted.

If you don’t have a sibling in your waking hours but did in the dream- consider the perspective of others and welcome other viewpoints as well as your own.

If your sibling was younger than you- it’s possible you have a new responsibility you didn’t ask for or feel you aren’t qualified for.

Any rivalry in the dreamscape could be attributed to your own battles to overcome insecurities.

Are you struggling to accept the opinions of others? Are you competing with others to achieve the same goals from life?

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