When you dream about soup, it's generally because you're in a comfortable situation at present. You may be happy in your relationship, content at work and have no complaints where your family or friends are concerned.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you are too comfortable and you have become complacent. You may have stopped trying and expect everything to just be or come to you.

Or maybe you crave to be in a comfortable place if you've had a period uncertainty in your waking life lately. You may see others are being in a more comfortable position than you and are jealous of how easy their life seems to be compared to yours.

If you were giving the soup to someone else in the dream, it's possible you are in a good financial position right now and are able and willing to share your wealth with others. You are not being greedy with your good fortune- but generous.

If you dreamed you were eating soup with your loved ones it's possible you have the support of your friends and family at present or will benefit from their support soon. If you were eating soup with your partner- this indicates happiness in your relationship.

Another interpretation is that you are emotionally hungry and need some comfort and to heal after a turbulent time. You may simply need rest and some you time, or you may need to call on a loved one for a listening ear and comforting words.

Dreams of soup can also relate to sickness and recovery, especially if you were in a hospital bed. You may have been ill lately and just starting to feel better. You might anticipate of fear being ill in the near future, if this is something that worries you or you are surrounded by people who are already sick and contagious.

If you were eating soup in an upmarket establishment, this can be a positive health indicator.

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