During dreamtime your subconscious can conjure up many quite frankly scary conatations, take for instance a common theme about a creature we all share our habitat with though in many cases reluctantly the spider.

Dream Interpretation - Spiders

Dream Interpretation - Spiders

These eight-legged creatures often appear in our dreams, are they as scary as we imagine. So what do they really signify, well lets’ address dreams involving these crafty web builders.

Spiders as we all know have an incredible ability to weave intricate, perfectly constructed webs, classifying them creators and as such this in turn means they are female and women are the creators. Further they represent knowledge though this creativity.

With the number 8 featuring heavily with spiders - body shape of an eight, with eight legs, which is a symbol of infinite possibility when creating.

Stories about spiders often appear in folklore, they are seen as spiritual by many, these odd little arachnids that most of us would rather not share our dwellings with have been a subject of great fascination throughout time.

So, what does it mean if we are visited by an eight legged phantom in our dreams?

First up: Spiders always represent feminine power, which is true to our dreamworld, too.

So, when your dream involves spiders, the odds are that it will involve or refer to a feminine energy in your life. This could represent a woman in your life or refer to your own connection with qualities often considered as feminine, such as openness, patience, or creativity.

What you need to understand is your reaction to the spider in the dream, are you afraid or does it repulse you, this may mean you are actually repressing this feminine energy in whatever form it in during your waking life.

This may be whether it’s within yourself or from another person. But if it appears as a nonthreatening presence, it would symbolise something or someone is bringing you feminine energy.

Spiders are clever and creative with their web being an artful construction that requires a four-dimensional view of its world that takes into account the big picture as well as the microscopic detail.

So if you come across a creative spider in a dream could mean you've got some creativity within yourself that you wish to use or show. This could represent a current or upcoming creative venture that's laying heavily on your mind. Take the spider as a symbol to move forward and pursue your creative goals with patience and an eye for detail.

Spiders are-so patient as well as being the possessors of a magic virtually invisible silk with the skill to web weave. And the added patience to sit for ages waiting for their prey to get entrapped it the snare.

Translated they are masters of patience when accomplishing their goals, so if your dream contains a spider crawling along it is likely to represent the fact that you're making real progress on your own goals. 

The dream spider climbing your dream wall suggests you are moving upwards in your personal and or professional life, maybe indicating success in a venture you are striving to complete.

But if the spider struggles to progress up the wall it could mean that you are coming across obstacle’s to your progression, this would indicate you may need to change tactics, continue to persist, or heed the spiderly attitude it might simply be a matter of time so remain patient and keep going.

Spiders in dreams maybe a feminine creator but they are also the masters of manipulation after all what else can weave a complex web. You also need to remember the sole purpose of this intricate web is to snare catch their prey.

How does that translate in your dream world, if you see a spider and a its web in a dream, this would suggest the need to examine your life to see if you are struggling or in the midst of being manipulated into a sticky trap by someone or present circumstances or maybe you are in danger of spinning your own web and trapping yourself.

This would depend on the rest of the dream as the spider may indicate that the dreamer is being manipulated or that the dreamer is the manipulator.

Take into account the situation that is weighing on you, work out if it is you in your subconscious that is trying to alert you to some manipulation taking place in your own life and if it initiated by you or if it is someone attempting to control you.

Experiencing a spider dropping down from above on their invisible cord, a bit too close for comfort, then you’ll know what anxiety is.

What if this happens in your dream, well quite simply it means you're anxious about something that's happening to or hanging around you and you need to address the insecurities attached.

Alternatively, the hanging spider may represent unfinished business so a spider dropping in on your dream could be a timely reminder to deal with your anxieties and not keep pushing them to one side. You don't want anything — spider anxieties hanging over you.

To delve further into this subject and how to understand it you need to consider If the dream involves a poisonous or threatening spider or if your dream has multiple spiders crawling all over you. This is a common one which get asked about and it may indicate a threatening force within your life that is a threat to your well-being or safety. This could indicate that circumstances are putting you in a ‘trapped place’, or maybe a relationship has turned sour, the crawling spiders may indicate negative people, or forces, or someone or something creating negative emotions.