To dream about an animal’s tail signifies complications and annoyances in a situation that was supposed to be pleasurable. Perhaps little irritations are taking the shine off something you have arranged in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about a tail

We find out what it means to dream about a tail

If the tail was wagging then you may be excited about something in your near future.

If the animal’s tail was between its legs, this represents fear and humiliation. Do you feel this way as a result of something you have done or is someone else making you feel like this?

If you had grown a tail, then you may have something from your past that is still, lingering or haunting you now. What can you do to let it go?

If you cut off your own tail in your dreamscape then you will suffer misfortune as a direct result of your own carelessness.

If you had the tail of a beast on your body, it’s possible your evil ways will eventually cause you some distress or you will be perplexed by some strange events.

A curly tail indicates that something or someone is going around and around in circles. Is it time you broke the cycle and changed direction?

Tails are thought to have phallic meanings so if the tail was moving up and down- you may be feeling some sexual excitement for someone.

If the tail was of an animal- consider what animal it was. Some animals use their tails for balance- which could be telling you to regain some equilibrium back into your life.

Other animals use it as distraction for their prey before they pounce. Are you trying to distract someone while you carry out a task you don’t want them to see? Or are you attempting to distract yourself from a more pressing issue?