If you dream about a teddy bear- it represents emotional dependency.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you believe something in your waking life brings you comfort or makes you feel safe. It could be a person, a belonging or a place- whatever it is gives you a sense of security and reassures you when you feel sad or unsure about life.

If you were giving the teddy bear away- think about the thing that would scare you most if you had to give it up. Would you feel powerless or even depressed if it was taken from you or you had to let it go?

Perhaps you feel better if you have something specific with you at all times- but do you really need whatever it is or could you realistically be without it?

A teddy bear could your subconscious telling you that you are being too needy, clingy or dependent on someone- a parent, partner or friends for instance. On the other hand, perhaps you are naive to a person or situation and need to find out more about it/them before you commit.

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Teddy bears also signify regression to an earlier stage of your life. If you have found it difficult to move past something that happened in your life at a certain time- perhaps you feel stuck and unable to move on. It generally pertains to childhood- as this has associations with toys.

Teddy bears are linked to reminiscing about your childhood and all that goes along with that time in your life. Perhaps you want to feel cared for again and reassured because you have recently lost security, comfort and/or companionship.

This kind of toy is thought to be a sign that you are in an immature relationship. Perhaps this partnership isn’t for you- or maybe one of you needs to be the adult and give the relationship some sense of direction and organisation.

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