To dream about Texas suggests that you think big.

We find out what it means to dream about Texas

We find out what it means to dream about Texas

You know no bounds when it comes to new ideas and projects.

This is both a positive and a negative depending on how you look at it.

You might never restrict yourself and allow yourself to be ambitious, which may have worked out well for you so far.

With that said, sometimes your plans might be too large, and you need to think about the little steps that are required to achieve something bigger.

Perhaps you are going overboard with something at present and you need to dial it back a bit before you get more carried away.

Every big venture starts small so try and think about it in stages. There is nothing wrong with having a goal in mind, but you need to work towards it methodically.

Think about your ideas so far- have they always been successful, or have they fizzled out? If it’s the latter, perhaps you were thinking on too big a scale and that is why they never came to fruition.

On the flipside, the dream could be telling you to think wider and further ahead. It’s possible you think too much in the present and not enough about the bigger picture. Your have a tendency to focus on the small things which could mean you are missing out on many opportunities. Do you need to look up and around and see what life has to offer?

If you live in Texas, the dream could simply be a reflection of your everyday life, however if you don’t- perhaps you need to widen your horizons by being more open minded. Or do you yearn to travel more?

Do you live to the excess? Perhaps what you have is far more than what you need, and you could do with living a more modest lifestyle.


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