To see or drink vinegar in your dreams suggests you are feeling sour about someone or something in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about vinegar

We find out what it means to dream about vinegar

Perhaps a project or relationship failed and it’s playing on your mind.

On the other hand, the dream could be telling you to make the best out of it- to stop worrying and get on with things.

Vinegar is used by some as a cleaning agent, so it’s possible you are cleaning and organising your life right now. Or perhaps you need to and the dream is giving you the nudge to sort out your affairs.

If the vinegar was coloured, perhaps your name has been dragged through the mud lately- someone is trying to taint your reputation.

The dream could be a pun for ‘in a pickle’- you have found yourself in the midst of an unpleasant situation.

Perhaps you are looking to preserve a memory or feeling because you don’t want it to end. Life is good as it is and you are happy for things to stay the same. If you’re struggling with change it might be wise to seek comfort in those around you when it inevitably happens.

Vinegar is also symbolic of longevity- it’s possible you have started something lately that you know is going to last- a new job, a new relationship or a new venture. You are confident that it has staying power.

On the flipside, the dream could be telling you to be patient- you will get your rewards but only after a period of hard work. Whatever it is will pay off but only after a certain amount of time has passed.

Vinegar might be linked to your personality. Perhaps you have a sharp tongue and it's agitating others and turning them against you. You may need to think about your tone when speaking to people as you could find yourself with no one if you continue to address others in the manner you do now.


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