To dream about a wafer suggests there is something in life you are looking to fulfil.

We find out what it means to dream about a wafer

We find out what it means to dream about a wafer

Wafers are thin so perhaps you feel there could be more to your existence right now.

Pinks wafers are synonymous with parties so it’s possible you are awaiting a big celebration or are overdue one to mark your or someone else’s achievement.

Given the thickness of a wafer- to dream of one might indicate a weakness. A weakness/fragility in you or in someone close to you.

Do you need to treat something with more care and consideration? Perhaps someone in your life is on the brink of a breakdown or maybe you are the one who is teetering on the edge. Do you need to treat yourself with the kindness you would others?

If you were eating something that contained a wafer perhaps you have become adept at hiding your perceived weakness. Do you need to dig deep and address it?

Wafers are thought to be a sign that things could break at any point. Perhaps you fear the breakdown of a relationship, connection or situation. The dream could be telling you not to take things for granted if they have the potential to fall apart. Or even to put things in place to prevent that from happening.

If you were eating an ice cream or chocolate wafer you may seeking or are in a period of prosperity. Even more so if you were able to share the wafers with others.

If someone was offering you such a wafer you may know a person in your waking hours who is in a comfortable financial position and therefore able to help you if times are tough.

Some wafers consist of many layers so the reason you could be dreaming of one is because you need to peel back the layers that are within you or someone else in order to get to the heart of the problem.