Dreaming about work is very common, within this, dreaming about being late for work is one of the things people report the most when they wake.

We find out what it means to dream of being late for work

We find out what it means to dream of being late for work

Being late for work can be a result of a feeling of a lack of control over your career. If you can't see what direction it's going in and feel stagnant this could be why time ran away from you in the dream.

You may fear change and that's what's holding you back- that you aren't ready for a shift in your working life.

You might feel you are not worthy of the job you're doing or that your colleagues or management never praise the work you do or support you in any way.

It's possible you are ready for a promotion but there is no opportunity for one and it is making you doubt what your next move might be.

If you are late for work, it often means that you feel worthless at your job or have an inability to do what is expected of you.

It can also mean you are disorganised during your day-to-day tasks. It is mostly about how you feel when you are at work- if you have low self-esteem when it comes to your career then perhaps your subconscious is telling you to make a move.

It can also speak to your need to impress upper management at work. If you keep trying to get their attention and your attempts are failing, then you may have negative feelings towards your boss or your place of work.

There is a sense of time running out in this type of dream which might translate to your waking life. Perhaps you feel you have waited too long to make a change and you have missed the opportunity. You might believe you can't do everything you wanted to before your personal deadline.

Another interpretation is that it's better to do it now then to never do it at all, even if you have things standing in your way.


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