When you dream of attending a party or hosting a party, it generally refers to your social life in your waking hours.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you need to improve your social skills or embrace a more active social life. Alternatively, you may be partying too much and need to cut back on how much you go out, spend money or shirk your responsibilities.

If you were planning a party in your dream then you may need to be less methodical in your day-to-day life and embrace a more spontaneous approach. A formal party could convey the same message- you are being too uptight and need to loosen up as it could be affecting your relationships.

More simply, if you are planning a party in your waking life, then you may be worried about all the things that could potentially go wrong.

If you were a guest at a party only with people of the same sex, then you may want to blend in during your waking hours and fear standing out in a crowd. Perhaps you have recently been made an example of or received a lot of unwanted attention and it’s playing on your mind.

This type of dream often happens if you have had a period of not seeing many people or doing much outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps your dream is trying to show you the benefits of being more outgoing. Maybe you are missing out as some positive experiences only come from interacting with others.

If the party turned out to be a negative thing for you in your dream- maybe you are feeling nervous or insecure at the prospect of being more sociable and might believe you don't have the skills to talk to people effectively.

If you were the one hosting the party, it can demonstrate the generosity and kindness you show to others. If you asked your guests to leave because you felt the party was getting out of hand then perhaps what you give comes with time restraints so it doesn’t encroach on your personal wellbeing.

Or, if you think people are taking advantage of you in your waking life, you might put a stop to or dial back the time and help you give to others to show you're not to be taken for granted.

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