Zombies are also known as the 'undead'.

We find out what it means to dream about zombies

We find out what it means to dream about zombies

Typically, in games, movies, books and TV shows they have an emotional detachment from those around them.

They have no aims in life- so if you dreamt about them it may be that you feel this way about your own life or about someone else's.

If you were teaching others to fight zombies, this could be an indication that you are trying to help someone else who lacks direction in their life to have a better future.

Perhaps you are helping someone lately who feels they are unable to express themselves. They might be feeling numb, alone or disconnected from other people and your aim is to help them to experience the opposite.

This person might be trying to escape a situation rather than facing up to it and admitting that they are scared.

Maybe this person feels more comfortable in following others rather than thinking for themselves.

If you were fighting zombies in your dream then this could symbolise your own feelings of detachment from the people in your life. If you think you are out of touch right now, this might be why you dreamt about what you did.

Are you letting life pass you by and allowing routine and habits get the better of you? It might be time to shake things up and do something different so you can feel more in tune with the people around you and most importantly- yourself.

If you were being attacked by zombies and no one helped you then you might be feeling overwhelmed right now with a situation at work or at home. Do you think you lack the support from those closest to you? Are you under a lot of stress in your waking life? If so- this could symbolise your perceived lack of control over the situation.

Source: www.dreamscloud.com


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