Chasing dreams are one of the most common people have.

We find out what it means to be chased in a dream

We find out what it means to be chased in a dream

It can stem from feelings of anxiety in your waking life.

Perhaps you have an urge to flee a scene or escape a situation because you anticipate a threat somewhere in your home or professional life.

Most of the time, people are being chased in dreams by someone who wants to hurt or even kill them. Do you feel there is someone in your waking hours who genuinely wants you to come to harm? If so it might be time to seek out professional help.

If you were running from someone, it could be indicative of how you deal with stress. Maybe you try to run or hide from your problems rather than facing them head on.

Whoever was chasing you could be your unconscious mind letting you know that you need to face your responsibilities rather than trying to dodge them.

The person chasing you in your dream can also be symbolic of some aspect of yourself.

A strong emotion you are currently experiencing perhaps. It might be an emotion you are trying to reduce or something you can't accept about yourself.

Think back to how far your pursuer was from you. If they were close- this could mean that the problem is something that's monopolising your thoughts right now.

If there was a large gap between you and them, perhaps the problem is not as big as you thought it was and it is fading.

If the person chasing you was making you to go somewhere you didn’t want to (especially a dead end), it’s possible you are being forced down the wrong path in life and need to find a one that is more fitting for you. Do you need to stand up to someone and let them know that you want to take a different route?

Perhaps you don’t know yet. You may need to figure out what the right road is for you and assess the steps you need to make to get there.


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