To dream of trespassing is generally a sign that you are doing something you know is wrong in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about trespassing

We find out what it means to dream about trespassing

Perhaps you are forcing your beliefs on others because they are strong or different. Maybe you aren't giving someone the space they deserve and you need to take a step back from them to give them some breathing room.

You could be breaking a promise or agreement you made with someone. It's possible you are being too outspoken when it's not appropriate or possessive of someone too.

Perhaps you need to show someone in your life more respect than you have been. Have you been ignoring or overstepping boundaries lately? Do you not like to be told 'no'? It's possible that you don't generally like being told what to do and are unwilling to accept other people's values, rules or preferences. Are you engaging in something risky in order to go against what someone wants?

It might be time to let someone else have their say and way if you feel you've been overbearing them with your ideas and beliefs of late.

On the other hand, trespassing can have positive connotations- because it may mean you are risking something for a good cause- or the greater good.

Another interpretation is that you are crossing into forbidden territory- this can be a good thing as it may mean you have let your defences down a little and mentally exploring new ground.


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