When you dream of a catwalk, it represents the confidence you show to others.

Dream Interpretation: Catwalk

Dream Interpretation: Catwalk

If you walked down the catwalk without a hitch, it’s possible you are confident in front of other people or are very good at acting like you are.

If you fell or stumbled, it’s possible you aren’t convincing anyone and those around you can see behind the mask.

Consider who was in the audience- who are you most comfortable around or who do you feel the need to pretend to?

Try to remember if there was a theme as this might give you greater insight into what makes you worthy of the attention.

Why do you deserve to be at the centre of something? On the other hand, do you still want to be at the heart of something but no longer are?

You may be someone who is setting an example to others with your actions- is this example good or bad? Consider the feeling in the dream for greater clarity.

More negatively, the dream might reflect your desire to always show off. If this does sound like you- do you know why this compulsion is there?

Do you believe you always have to come first? If so- why?

Perhaps you demand too much attention from others and the dream is telling you to pay close attention to this side of your personality. Is it driving people away? If so, you may need to make some changes.

Are you embarrassing yourself in your waking life by always wanting to be the centre of attention?

On the flipside if you were sitting in the audience at a catwalk show- this could mean you don’t give yourself enough attention.

Are you giving your all to someone else or others and not letting yourself be noticed in the process?

Think about who was on the catwalk- if it was someone you know- perhaps you envy an aspect of their character- such as their presence in front of others. If you do want to be more confident- can you take a leaf from their book?

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