To dream about a drive-in movie implies that you are being lazy in some area of your world. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

You could put in more effort, but you choose not to because it’s easier to live this way. While it may seem like the best option at the time, long term, it could have its downsides. The dream could be telling you not to settle- to strive for more. You will get out what you put in if you only try. 

On the flipside, perhaps there is a more convenient way to do something in your waking hours but you’ve not tried it yet or don’t know where to seek it out. Try to gain this knowledge as it could be a game changer for you and those in your life- especially if someone close was with you in the car. 

Another thought process is that you need to experience something from a new vantage point. Perhaps you have been doing an activity or task the same way for years and it’s become a little stale- why not think outside the box and give whatever it is a fresh new look?

Or do you want to approach this event differently because everyone else you know has done it this way and you don’t want to feel left out? 

If your viewpoint was blocked at the drive in, someone may be trying to obstruct your path in life- try to remember who was sitting on your bonnet or driving the car in front of you for additional meaning. 

Perhaps you are feeling nostalgic lately if you have visited a drive-in movie in the past or seen one in an old film when they were commonplace. What is it about this memory that strikes a chord with you now? Do you want to recreate something from this time in your life or learn from the experience to settle it in your mind?

To see yourself in a car alone watching a drive-in movie suggests that you are feeling isolated right now. Do you need to attempt to rekindle some of your old connections? The dream is a hint to you that you are putting barriers up between you and others and it’s detrimental to your social and love life. What can you do to rectify this?

Alternatively- do you crave some time by yourself if you have been surrounded by too many people lately? It might be wise to walk away and do something for you.

The very nature of a drive-in movie means that everything comes to you- including your food. Do you expect this from life? If everything thus far has landed on your lap, maybe you assume that it always will- but the dream could be a warning to you not to get complacent. You may have just been lucky. You aren’t entitled to anything in life, so adjust your expectations accordingly. 

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