To dream about a pledge suggests you have made a solemn promise to someone lately. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may be prepared to stand by this promise, however, there’s the possibility you are having second thoughts.

If you aren’t committed to this person, it may be best to tell them before you make any more commitments to one another. 

Similarly, if you aren’t dedicated to a cause, you may need to tell the people who are involved that your heart isn’t in it.

Are you ready to give your word to someone or make a vow? If so, the dream might be giving you the nudge to do so if you are in the right place and feel confident it’s the right move. 

If you broke a pledge in your dream perhaps you aren’t as serious about something as you thought you were. You have have got wrapped up in all the excitement of something but once you’ve come to make the commitment, you’ve realised that it’s not really for you. If this is the case, it may be time to come clean.  

If breaking a pledge in your dream is a reflection of breaking a promise in your waking hours you may be worried that people can no longer trust you or that your word is meaningless. How can you prove to the people who matter that you are as good as your word?

To make a pledge of money might mean that you have promised funds to someone in your life. Are you having second thoughts about giving this person some money? Have you got the money to give them? If not, do you need to tell them the truth? 

To pledge money on something could also indicate the faith you have in a certain cause. Try to remember what you pledged money to as the dream could be helping you to realise who or what you truly believe in. 

When someone else makes a pledge to you in your dream, it suggests that you trust them or that you need their financial help.

If they were pledging their love to you- maybe you are looking for a bigger commitment from this person. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic sense- perhaps you require greater assurances from someone in a business setting for instance. 

When someone else breaks a bond they made with you in your dream, it’s possible you feel betrayed and are looking for payback or reason behind some disloyalty in your life right now.

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