To dream about a postage stamp suggests that you are serious about getting your message across to someone.

Dream Interpretation: Stamp

Dream Interpretation: Stamp

Perhaps they aren’t taking the hint and you need to be more blatant with your intentions or feelings.

It can also mean that you are serious about starting something. A hobby, a fresh career path, or a new relationship to name just a few.

If you were collecting stamps in your dreamscape, it’s possible you are starting to notice all the opportunities that are available to you if you out your mind to it.

Perhaps you are accumulating something at present and the stamps are a reflection of this. The dream might be more literal and mirror something you collect in your waking hours- or it could be a sign that you are collecting something that is detrimental to your mental state- such as negative thoughts for instance.

If you were stamping something with ink, this implies that you want to highlight something that’s important in your life. Perhaps you need to tell someone how much something means to you or indeed how much they mean to you.

Is there something in your life that needs your attention? The dream could be telling you to focus more on this if you have neglected it lately- your health, your relationship or your career perhaps? Try and remember what was being stamped to add greater significance to the dream.

Another interpretation is that you seek approval and the stamp is a representation of this. Who do you seek approval from? Why is their blessing so important to you?

Do you want to feel part of a group? To have an exclusivity that others don’t? Perhaps you see this as something that will make you happy- having the inside track.

A stamp in metal is synonymous with something more permanent. Maybe you want permanent associations with someone or something- and the knowledge that others don’t have the same alliances might bring you great joy.

On the flipside, it could have negative connotations; perhaps you feel stifled by the permanence of a situation.

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