To dream about hands represents how capable you are of doing something.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The dream could be telling you that you can do something on your own and that you have choices in your life. To not put yourself down so much.

If you saw two hands holding onto one another- this is symbolic of a partnership. Does your relationship need work? Perhaps you need to appreciate your partner more than you do and recognise all the things they do for you? On the other hand, the very joining of hands could mirror what you want more of with your lover- touch, intimacy and to be held.

If you were washing your hands in your dreamscape, you may want to rid yourself of something or someone in your waking hours. Perhaps you wish an ongoing problem would go away or that someone would distance themselves from you. Do you feel a sense of responsibility for someone or something that you don’t want?

If there was a hand that was beckoning you to go towards it- there is some area of your life that is crying out for your attention. This could be an unexplored passion or something you have neglected of late. What is tempting you right now?

Losing a hand in a dream sequence is about feeling robbed of something- something that you think you were deserving of- a promotion, some recognition or gratitude perhaps? If you feel that you are at a loss at present this could be why you dreamed of missing a hand.

A hand that is cut in a dream is linked to feelings of not being able to do what you want. Or that someone is trying to stifle your talents, creativity and your skills. Do you believe that something or someone is stopping you from progressing? If so, what can you do to move forward again?

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