After the return of Love Island on Monday night (June 6th), it’s highly likely that those watching it before bed will dream about the show- but what does it mean if you do? Here are our thoughts...

The cast of Love Island 2022/ Picture Credit: ITV/Lifted Entertainment

The cast of Love Island 2022/ Picture Credit: ITV/Lifted Entertainment

The most obvious interpretation if you dream about Love Island is that you are looking to connect with someone romantically. Perhaps you can relate to the women or the men on the programme because you are currently seeking out a partner of your own.  

On the flipside, you may have had enough of dating and relationships but enjoy watching others go through the process all the same because you don't have to or indeed- don't want to. 

The show threw up some curveballs this year with a change in villa (still in Mallorca but in a different location) and format (namely the viewers choosing who the ladies were paired with). So perhaps you dreamed about Love Island because something has taken you by surprise lately. You may have become accustomed to this shift already, or perhaps you think it is ill fitting. Whichever way you fall, you weren’t prepared for this change in course. The dream could be telling you to go with it and see how you feel once you have got used to the idea. 

Love Island is very much based on first impressions, so it’s possible it featured in your dream because you have had an extreme reaction to someone you have just met. Have they impressed or repelled you? The dream could be encouraging you to give them another chance and not to judge them too hastily. If you get to know them perhaps your feelings might alter. 

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Given the recent changes mentioned above- if you watched an episode and then dreamed of the hit show, it’s probable that you have experienced some sort of first in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel encouraged by this or find it refreshing. If you sense that this first will lead to others- embrace each one as they happen rather than shying away from the unfamiliar.  

Gemma Owen has been in the press a lot over the last few weeks as she is the daughter of Michael Owen, however she is keen not to reveal this about herself in the villa with the other contestants. Are you hiding something about yourself? If so, what are your motivations for doing so? Is it necessary for self preservation? Or do you want to be judged on your own merits? 

Love Island’s popularity is entrenched in the escapism and perfection of its surroundings, so to dream about it could mean that you want to get out of a rut or away from the mundane of everyday life. What are you looking to leave behind? Perhaps there are things you can do to make your life more interesting without running away from it.  Or do you believe some well needed seclusion away from the distractions of your normal world will benefit you? If so, it might be wise to follow your instincts. 

Love Island has garnered a lot of interest since it first appeared on our screens- with this in mind- it may have appeared in your dreamscape because suddenly the focus is on you. Are you enjoying this or do you loathe being the centre of conversation and gossip? Alternatively, perhaps the attention of those around you has moved onto something else and you are saddened by the fact that you are no longer in the limelight.

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