To dream about night-time suggests that there is some confusion in your life at present.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are struggling to find clarity in a situation. This could be stopping you from progressing- this very thing might be holding you back. What can you do to overcome it?

Consider how you feel about the big things in your life- it’s possible one or indeed a few of these have taken a negative turn. Something might not feel as good as it used to- the novelty may have worn off.

Perhaps you know that something has finally come to an end and you weren’t ready for it to; a relationship, a period in your life or a feeling that you wanted to go on.

Maybe you desperately seek answers to your problems, but the solutions aren’t presenting themselves to you. Do you need some assistance to help you through this difficult time?

Has something in your life suddenly gone sour? If so- why? Is there any way you can turn it around?

Consider the phrase ‘in the dark’ about something. Perhaps you think that someone is keeping something from you, or you have a feeling that you don’t know the full extent of a situation.

If you were trying to find your way somewhere during the night, perhaps you are feeling lost right now. You are struggling to navigate through something. It might take time for your ‘eyes to adjust’- in other words- you need to allow yourself the space for this newness to become the ‘norm’.

If the daytime suddenly turned to night-time in your dreamscape- it could be telling you to look at the other end of the spectrum. It’s possible you need to consider someone else’s point of view or look to the flipside of a situation to find an alternative solution.

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