To dream about sacrifice suggests that you have recently given up something in your waking hours. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Think about all the things you have let go of lately. A relationship? A hobby? A habit? You might feel aggrieved at having to cleanse your life of this thing or person, which is why it filtered into your dreamscape. You might even feel some resentment towards a person if they have forced this purge upon you. 

Perhaps you feel you should sacrifice something but you are not ready to or don’t want to but you know it will be for the best if you do. 

It could be that you favour instant gratification and are impatient but the dream is telling you to think of the bigger picture and focus on your long term goals to achieve lasting happiness. 

Another interpretation is selflessness. Perhaps you are sacrificing too much for someone or something and need to shift the balance back in your favour. Are they taking advantage of your good nature?

It’s possible that you are giving up too much in order to rid your life of something undesirable- but you don’t need to. There may be a way of letting go of less while still ridding yourself of the things you like the least. 

Do you still feel sore about a sacrifice you made months even years ago? Perhaps the feelings are still raw and the dream is a way of processing them to weaken them over time. 

Sacrifices are a necessary part of life, so the dream could be a simple reminder of this fact. With that said, if your sacrifice was unjustified, it might be time to reclaim what you have lost. 


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