To dream about scrap suggests that something needs to be recycled or repurposed in your life. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps the way something is at present isn’t working for you and you need to change things up. 

Think outside the box and consider what might need to be reprocessed in order to work in your favour.

Scraps can also be things that are left behind- a smaller piece of something larger like scraps of food or a scrap of paper. 

If someone was giving you a scrap of something perhaps you are struggling in your waking hours right now. You are in no position to choose so you are having to take what is given to you. 

The dream might be telling you to push yourself to get out of this situation- that you don’t have to be the person that has to settle for what is left. You deserve more. 

If you were throwing scraps away- the dream could be telling you that you are being too wasteful in your life and what you deem rubbish might be someone else’s treasure. 

Try not to be so ruthless and see where it takes you. 

On the other hand, if you were giving scraps to someone in your dream- perhaps you are not treating someone with the respect they deserve. They require more from you than scraps of conversation, scraps of your time and scraps of attention. 

It’s possible that something in your life needs to be scrapped altogether. It may not be working for you now and it probably won’t work for you if it is altered- it is a lost cause. 

This could be something as simple as a tool that no longer functions, or more deeply- a relationship that isn’t and never will bring you happiness or a habit or way of doing something that has never worked and won’t even with some tweaks. 

Only you know what isn’t serving you in your life and will continue to fail you if you persist with it- so make the necessary moves to cleanse it from your world.

Alternatively, to scrap something or throw it away might be making reference to a large hoard in your life. 

If you have a lot of something- such as clothes, books, magazines or ornaments- (essentially whatever you have in excess)- it might be time to purge some things from a category that is overwhelming you to give you some space and clarity.  

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If something was being sold for scrap in your dream, perhaps an item you thought had great value doesn’t. It is as good as rubbish. 

If this is the case, try not to dwell on it, it may have sentimental meaning and that’s ok- however don’t expect it to be life changing for you or anyone else. 

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