To dream about a wall suggests that life has had to stop in your waking hours because something is preventing you from moving forward or you aren’t granted access. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This could be a task or project, a standstill in your relationship or a barrier to your career progression. Consider which area of your life has come to an abrupt halt and think about how you can move this wall or break it down. 

A wall is a divider of space, whether that be to distinguish between one plot of land and another or two rooms of differing functionality for example. 

Perhaps you need to divide up some space in your life. This could be physical space or mental space. 

Do you need to create a place that is just yours by putting a wall up in the place you live? Or do you need to mentally segment an area of your life because it is filtering through into your other thoughts?

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Is it you who is putting up a wall? Who are you keeping out and why? Perhaps you need to confide in someone you trust to try and take this wall down brick by brick or even seek some professional help. 

Is there someone whom you want to be close to but they have put a wall to keep you out? 

The dream might be telling you to help this person create a hole in the wall for you so they can let you in to help them demolish the thing entirely.

If there were walls all around you- it’s possible you need to keep something to yourself. 

If you are tempted to speak of something you shouldn’t, it might be wise to keep it ‘within the four walls of your house’. Similarly if someone was with you, the secret you should be keeping might involve them too. 

If you are someone who is open and honest about everything- it may be time to keep things closer to your chest. 

This is even more important if you are surrounded by people you don’t quite trust yet.  

Along the same vein, if the walls were paper thin and you could hear voices or noises through them, perhaps you need to be more careful about who might be listening. 

Do you think someone is interested in your business? If so, keep an eye out for anyone who might be spying on your affairs. This could relate to online activity too. 

Perhaps you are simply being paranoid and need to learn to trust people more. Not everyone is looking to meddle in your private life. Is it really that interesting?

If you saw a wall that was surrounding something, you may be having some issues with deciding or defining what belongs to you. 

If this is the case, do you need to be more flexible or do you need to fight harder for what is rightfully yours?

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Consider what you are facing in your waking hours or indeed what you are about to face- a divorce, a break up, an illness, a death or a financial loss- to name a few- all of which are life changing events. Whatever is happening in your life right now is not a small problem and you are worried that it might all become too much to bear… to read more click HERE

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