To dream about surgery suggests that you are experiencing some dramatic changes in your life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

These may be charges that are out of your control or indeed changes you have implemented yourself.

Consider how you feel about the alterations you are making or that are being made in your life.

If you are happy about them, the dream might reflect these positive emotions, however if you are reluctant to embrace them, your dreamscape could be telling you not to resist them so much. Change is part of life so you may need to learn to accept this fact.

On the other hand, it could symbolise healing. If you have recently undergone surgery, perhaps your body is starting to show signs of getting back to normal again.

The healing might refer to your body mending itself in other ways- such as mental healing after an emotional trauma rather than a physical one.

It’s possible you are awaiting surgery and your dream reflects your concerns or worries about the upcoming event. More positively, it may be something you are looking forward to if it means you will be in less pain or discomfort afterwards.

Consider what problems you have in your life at present- perhaps you are starting to confront them or eliminate them altogether. Think about the phrase cutting something out of your life- this could be in reference to something in your waking hours that you are finally getting rid of for good.

On the flipside, it’s possible that intervention is the only way to solve a problem. Who can you ask for help to resolve this issue? Choose carefully as everyone has a specific set of skills- think about who would be best suited to help you in this resolution.

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