To dream about the colour green suggests that you are plagued with envy or jealousness in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If this sounds like you, ask yourself why you covet what those around you have? What are your motivations for wanting the same things? The dream could be telling you to focus only on your own life and the things and people in it, rather than playing a game you will surely lose. 

Consider the phrase- ‘the grass is greener’- perhaps you are only seeing the highlight reel of someone else’s life. It’s to be expected when comparing yourself with this person that you will fall short as it’s not the full picture. Distance yourself from such inaccurate portrayals of ‘real life’. The grass is green on your side, if you only take the time to look. 

Another phrase related to this colour is ‘green fingered’. Perhaps the dream is referring to your prowess in the garden. If you haven’t been spending much time in the garne and this is the thing that brings you the most joy- now might be the time to enjoy it again. 

More broadly, the dream might be hinting to you to get out in nature more. If you have been cooped up for months on end, would some time outdoors do you some good?  

It’s possible the dream is an indication to go green. If you aren’t very environmentally conscious, it may be time to look into ways you can help to do your bit rather than leaving it to others or ignoring the impact of your current behaviours. 

Perhaps you are playing your part but could do more. Is there a nearby community you could join whose primary focus is to look after your local environment? 

The colour green is abundant in nature, even more so when things are thriving, so dreaming of it could represent something in your life that is doing well and growing. If this is the case, try to sustain it as it will serve you well. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t giving something your full attention, this dream might be a warning to you to focus your energy on an area of your life before it starts to deteriorate. A relationship, a job, a hobby, or a task needs regular nourishment to prosper, otherwise it will suffer. 

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