As we gear ourselves up for the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s highly likely that more and more people will be dreaming about it in anticipation of the action starting on Saturday night, so what does it mean if you do?

Valerio Rosati / Alamy Stock Photo

Valerio Rosati / Alamy Stock Photo

To dream about supporting your country at the Eurovision Song Contest demonstrates that you are patriotic in your waking hours. You are proud to be British and everything that it stands for.

On the other hand, if you were cheering on another country, perhaps you are disillusioned with how the country is being run at present and no longer want to show your solidarity. 

On the flipside, if you were impressed by another country’s performance over your own, maybe you go against the grain in your waking hours. You don’t see the benefit in following what others are doing if it doesn’t align with your personal tastes. 

Great Britain typically loses at Eurovision and we have come to expect a low score given the number of years we have been at the bottom of the table. With this in mind, perhaps you are anticipating some disappointment in your life. You are fairly certain it’s coming but there is a small part of you that is hoping for something more positive. 

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Many people celebrate Eurovision by dressing up, throwing parties and using it as an excuse to get together and have fun. The dream could be telling you that a celebration of an event (it doesn’t matter what it is) is long overdue in your household. If you haven't had people over for a while, it may be time to enjoy the company of others once more and to let your hair down. 

Eurovision sees performers from all around Europe submit an original song for the competition, so the dream might be urging you to be more authentic. Perhaps you have been trying to be someone you’re not for a while now and you need to stop with the act and just be yourself. It’s exhausting so don’t put yourself through it anymore. 

Eurovision has been held annually since 1956 (with the exception of 2020) so to see it in your dreamscape might represent something that you do every year without fail with your family, partner or friends. Perhaps for whatever reason, you haven't been able to this year and you are feeling the void it has left behind. 

Alternatively, maybe you are looking forward to this tradition as it’s in your calendar and has been for some time.

Do you enjoy whatever this celebration is or has it become a bit stale? If so, can you do anything to make this event more appealing or has it run its course? If you feel either of these is true, it might be prudent to speak to those who are usually involved and gauge their feelings about it too. Perhaps they are of the same opinion, in which case you can work on making improvements or agree that it was good while it lasted and move onto something new.  

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