To dream about the month of August is bittersweet as there is something to look forward to in your waking hours. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Sadly, the positive thing that’s about to happen in your life will only be fleeting, which is why you have mixed feelings about it. 

Perhaps you have something coming up in the near future that has the potential to be great, however it can also be ruined with a small and careless act or the wrong attitude. 

The dream could be telling you not to waste this opportunity as they don’t come along all that often for you. 

You have the same number of hours as everyone else in a day, so make the most of it when it arrives. You will only regret it if you let it pass you by. 

If things out of your control threaten to make this time more difficult, try to see the positives and not focus on the negatives as this will be a waste of your precious energy. 

The word august can be defined as someone who is dignified, impressive or of the highest social class. Perhaps you look up to someone who fits this description. If following someone who embodies these traits makes you feel worse about yourself, it might be wise to distance yourself from any information related to them such as on social platforms. 

On the flipside, maybe you are aspiring to be someone of this calibre- if so, there is nothing wrong with dreaming big! 

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