To dream of the number eleven suggests that you are leaving yourself wide open. You aren’t protecting yourself by having any boundaries or structure to ward off potential threats to your wellbeing such as burnout. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you need to narrow your search criteria- in other words condense your options, reduce the amount of time you make yourself available or streamline some area of your life. 

You are taking on too much at once and you will run out of steam if you are not careful to edit your life to accommodate some self care. 

The number eleven could mean that you are copying someone or something in your waking hours and you’re not being authentic to yourself and what you have to offer. Try to steer clear of trying to be like other people and concentrate on your own goals, successes and achievements.

Eleven is the penultimate month of the year so dreaming about it could mean that you are experiencing the calm before the storm. Perhaps a big celebration or event is looming and you are trying to get everything ready for it.

On the other hand, maybe you are winding down and getting ready for a fresh start. Do you feel you need to prepare for a clean slate? If so this could be why you dreamed of the number eleven. 

Eleven is also the hour before the clock strikes twelve and a new day begins, so it may be that you are feeling the pressure to complete something before your time runs out. If so, is this a deadline that has been enforced by someone else or self imposed? If the latter, are you being too hard on yourself? Perhaps the parameters you are setting for yourself are unrealistic. 

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