To dream of the number nine implies that you are in a state of perfect happiness right now.

Number Nine on Female First

Number Nine on Female First

Beware- it isn’t possible to sustain this level of elation for very long so be prepared to come crashing back down to earth once whatever is causing this is over. 

It’s important to recognise that these highs are only temporary. If you are ready for the aftermath, you won’t feel as badly done to when normality creeps back in.

However if you aren’t- you are setting yourself up for hurt. Better to be realistic.  

Consider the phrase ‘the whole nine yards’- perhaps you are giving your all to something and it’s not giving you anything back by way of happiness, joy or satisfaction.

Similarly, you may be putting in every effort in your relationship or friendship and the other person isn’t even meeting you halfway.

If this is the case, perhaps you need to release yourself from the grips of the thing that is not offering you any sort of return or distance yourself from the person who is not trying as hard as you are. 

On the flipside, are you trying too hard? Perhaps you always strive for 100% and if others can’t equal this you feel disappointed. Do you need to lower your expectations a little so they fall in line with others around you?

Another commonly used phrase around the number nine is ‘a’ stitch in time saves nine’ meaning if you do something now, it will save work for later. 

If you are someone who always puts things off until the last minute, it might be time to try ticking a few things off your list now and see how it feels. 

It might make your life a lot easier and reduce the pressure you normally put on yourself at the last hurdle. You may find that this is a good way to handle things from now on. But if not, you will have tried the alternative anyway.  

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