To dream about the number ten suggests that you always strive for perfection. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you need to lower your expectations to something a little more realistic as the harsh reality is- perfection can never be achieved. 

Aiming for perfection will always leave you disappointed as it’s unattainable, so if you accept less, you may find that your happiness increases. 

The 'top ten' refers to the very best of something, so perhaps you always give people your highlight reel and don’t offer examples of when things didn’t go to plan in your life. 

You may be pushing people away by giving the impression that no bad luck ever befalls you. It might be worth being a little more honest with those you want to forge close relationships with so they feel a sense of commonality with you. 

While you may not be religious, the number ten might have a connection to the ten commandments. You may not adhere to them as they are written, but the dream could imply that you need some rules to live by in your life. 

If you live from day to day and handle every situation as it comes up- now may be the time to establish some dos and don’ts in your personal life so you have a structure and a means of knowing what is right and wrong to you- a moral compass if you will. 

Until you have such boundaries in place, you may find life difficult to navigate. 

‘Ten to a penny’ refers to something that is worthless because it is ubiquitous. Perhaps you are treading on well worn ground and need to venture off on your own path to find, establish or create something new to set you apart from what has gone before. 

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