To dream of toothache suggests you have a problem in your waking hours that won’t go away.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There is a constant reminder of it that you carry around with you- one you are struggling to rid yourself of. 

What can you do to solve this issue? Do you need to call on some professional help?

If the toothache was unbearable in your dreamscape and you visited the dentist as a result, perhaps you need to take some drastic action in your life. It may not be what you want to do but something needs to be dealt with all the same. 

If pride is standing in your way, it might be time to put this aside if it’s better for you in the long run. Think of the bigger picture. 

Toothache can also represent a worry you have about your health. Perhaps you are afraid to find out what your complaint might be as you have built it up to be the worst case scenario. The not knowing is affecting you badly so it might be wise to seek out the truth to put your mind at ease. 

You might be feeling more sensitive about something or someone right now and the slightest reference or mention is distracting you. Why are you so reactive to this person or thing? Is it something that can be addressed? Or perhaps all you need is time to heal and to come to terms with the situation. 

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How do you feel about your teeth in your waking hours? If you take pride in your smile- the dream might represent a lack of confidence in something you usually rely on to make you feel good about yourself.

Have you changed physically lately? Had a baby perhaps? Or sustained an injury that has affected your appearance? If so, how can you learn to love the part of yourself again?

If you aren’t afraid of the dentist when you’re awake, the dream might be referring to something else you are afraid of if you were putting off going to get help. What else are you postponing through fear?

On the other hand if you are terrified of a visit to the dentist perhaps the dream is a warning to you to get checked out, even more so if you’ve had mild toothache in your waking hours. 

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