My name is Chris Riley, I am a psychic and medium who delivers readings to clients and celebrities across the world. From spiritual connections to tarot card readings, meditation sessions, affirmations and more, I am able to channel energies and reconnect people with those who have passed. As you can probably tell, I live a somewhat unique lifestyle… I don’t wake up every morning to commute into the city and I don’t have an unvarying routine. I own a business which allows me to engage with some fascinating people in many different ways, meaning no two days in my life are ever the same.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

As a psychic with a unique talent, I am committed to helping people. I am truly honoured to support my clients, helping them to rediscover lost confidence by enhancing their mind set or sharing reassuring messages from their loved ones. I care for every single one of my clients and online followers, so they are undeniably my priority each day, shaping my version of a work routine.

At the start of each day, I wake up and go online. I will engage with my online community and prepare for a positive, productive day. What follows very much depends on the day of the week. For example, on Mondays I will typically plan for the week ahead and give free readings on Instagram. At the start of the week people are eager to discover what’s in store for them, so there’s more of a demand for predictions and spiritual insights. On Wednesdays I will spend this time connecting with my private clients who have been with me for years; I am very lucky to have accumulated such a committed client base, it speaks volumes and I couldn’t be prouder.

I will then liaise with my Personal Assistant, check in with my readers and announce on social media if I’ll be going live that evening. At times like this, as we’re in the midst of great uncertainty, I am going live much more often in an effort to bring positivity and contentment to my followers. For example, I am sharing free meditation sessions and readings to show my support. This is something I will continue to prioritise.

I also ensure that I take time for myself, either going to the gym or for a walk. Exercise helps me to clear my energies and, in turn, form deeper connections with those around me.

If I am giving a celebrity reading on the day in question, then I may have to travel or deliver this virtually. I am fortunate to have worked with many of the talented individuals who have helped to shape entertainment and reality TV, including Gemma Collins, Sophie Kasaei, Bobby Norris and more; I thoroughly enjoy sharing insights into how their incredible careers will develop, it’s fascinating to see.

I also spend time looking back at reviews I have received over the past week, feeding this information back to my wider team. I will take the time to call clients personally, thanking them and finding out more about their experiences. This is how my business will grow, by listening to those who have helped to make me and my brand the success that it is today. I am completely customer-centric and do what I do to enrich the lives of those round me, their feedback is incredibly important.

Throughout the evening I will continue to engage with my followers on social media, giving readings via text or phone and begin to wind down as I look forward to the rest of the week ahead.