Teedra Bernard has had an exciting professional journey. From a childhood dream of becoming an engineer to studies at New York University, she has proven that she is cut from a different cloth than most. 

Teedra Bernard

Teedra Bernard

From her early goals of being an engineer to her present position as a revolutionary human resources leader, Teedra has faced several significant obstacles and turning points in her career. These experiences have molded her and helped her to grow into a sought-after HR professional.

Her early experiences with technology and STEM education sparked her curiosity and served as the foundation for her future pursuits. Teedra persevered and showed resilience in the face of hardship and unpleasant experiences. A turning point for her was being subjected to prejudice at a career fair before finally discovering her passion for human resources.

Teedra's professional path is evidence of her capacity to grasp opportunities and make the most of her skills. She moved from sales to HR swiftly after taking a job in pharmaceutical sales, and she was rewarded with promotions and accolades for her creative thinking and strategic leadership. Teedra has proven throughout her career to have a great awareness of both business and creating inclusive cultures that are essential to the success of organizations. 

As the Chief Talent & Diversity Officer at TransUnion, Teedra spearheaded the effort to instill DEI concepts throughout the business and drive revolutionary transformation. This is one of her most noteworthy accomplishments. In light of the worldwide health crisis and increased consciousness of social justice concerns, Teedra was a key proponent of substantive measures and responsibility inside her organization. Her work led to the establishment of a Chief Diversity Officer role and the execution of extensive DEI programs that support inclusion and equity at all levels. 

Teedra is a committed mentor, advocate, and thought leader in the HR community in addition to her business responsibilities. Teedra has pushed for diversity and empowerment via her participation in major groups and projects, including Dress for Success and the Racial Equity task force at TransUnion, making a significant impact on everyone with whom she comes into contact.

It is Teedra’s persistent dedication to compassion and sincerity in leadership that makes her truly unique in her field. Colleagues and peers have come to appreciate and admire her for her ability to combine empathy with strong leadership. Teedra's approach to human resources stems from a profound comprehension of the significance of establishing personal connections with people and fostering settings that enable them to flourish and realize their maximum potential.

Going forward, Teedra wants to keep breaking down barriers and reinventing what it means to be a successful HR leader. She sees a future where inclusive cultures are the norm and people from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to thrive. She is driven by creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Teedra Bernard has changed businesses for the better and helped many people reach their full potential via her innovative work in HR. Teedra continues to be a role model whose influence extends well beyond the boundaries of corporations as she forges ahead on an impactful path.