In the vast tapestry of the United States, the American Dream stands tall as an enduring symbol of hope, opportunity, and the pursuit of a better life. For generations of immigrants, it has served as a magnetic force, drawing individuals from every corner of the globe toward the shores of a land brimming with promises.

Dr Maria Rodriguez

Dr Maria Rodriguez

Regardless of their origins, immigrants arrive with a shared conviction that this land of opportunity can provide them with the chance to forge a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

In this rich fabric of life's tales, the inspiring story of Dr. Maria Rodriguez, the CEO and founder of the New Jersey-based Care Counseling Center, is an impressive saga of determination and resilience, illustrating how a young girl from the Dominican Republic realized her American Dream, lighting the path for others on a similar journey.

For young Maria, the transition was an overwhelming mix of emotions. The United States was a far cry from the open and free community of the Dominican Republic, where she had spent her early childhood. Feelings of loneliness, embarrassment due to her initial struggles with English, and a sense of not fitting in, became her companions.

This emotional stir, however, did not discourage her. Instead, it fueled her determination to conquer the language barrier and fit into her new home. “I had a lot of insecurities growing up, and I frequently faced racial and gender discrimination,” Dr. Rodriguez shares. “During my adolescence, I tried to lose my accent by attending classes because, for some reason, people equate accent with intelligence.”

In college, Dr. Rodriguez attended a presentation by an author with a ‘thick’ accent. It made Dr. Rodriguez realize that if the author could achieve success despite her accent, it shouldn't hold her back either. 

Harnessing her power of perseverance and hard work, Dr. Rodriguez not only mastered the language and integrated into her new community, but she studied hard to realize her dream of finishing university and achieving professional success, all the while overcoming the obstacles that came with being an immigrant, and a woman of color.

“Being a woman immigrant just adds more challenges to existing ones,” Dr. Rodriguez shares. “At university, I was one of the 3% of the minority student population. After I entered professional waters, I had to go above and beyond to be taken seriously by my male colleagues. It was an incredibly tough process, but, fortunately, owing to my diligence, I was able to succeed.”

Striving to bridge the gap between her immigrant roots and the American culture, Dr. Rodriguez centered her American Dream on an impressive notion: it wasn't just about achieving personal success but also about aiding others in navigating a similar road. With this understanding, she forged a path toward becoming a mental health professional specializing in immigrant family counseling.

Having obtained a Master's Degree from William Paterson University and a Ph.D. from Capella University, Dr. Rodriguez spent years working as a psychologist and counselor, aiming to make the cultural integration process smoother for immigrants settling in the US. Her commitment to the community resulted in the founding of her Center in 2016, intending to deliver culturally sensitive counseling services.

Through her work spanning over two decades, Dr. Rodriguez has become a leading force in her field, extending support to those who grapple with feelings of alienation, disorientation, and loss that often accompany immigration. 

Dr. Maria Rodriguez's journey to achieve her version of the American Dream stands as proof of her resilience and strength.  From being a young immigrant girl grappling with a new language and culture, she has evolved into a successful entrepreneur, dedicated counselor, and pillar of strength for her community.

"I think the key to successfully adapting to a new culture hides in perseverance, adaptability, and the will to contribute positively to society," Dr. Rodriguez says. "I truly believe that through resilience and hard work, anyone can turn their dreams into reality, just like I have."