The statistics reveal that the number of online buyers around the world is pretty massive; around 1.66 billion! Of course, one of the biggest factors which are playing a role here is the convenience, but online coupon codes are also a huge attraction when it comes to online shopping.

One of the best money-saving tips while shopping online is to grab the right coupons and offers at the right time. Enticing coupon sites like makes this entire chapter of grabbing the perfect discount code for your purchases even easier.

However, what often trips people up while finding the best deals and attempting to use them correctly is getting misguided. You must know the right shopping hacks and perfect ways to use online coupons. Just copying and pasting a coupon code whenever you find one might not always be a successful money-saving trick.

Let’s find out how you can make the best use of online coupons:

1. Make use of social media

Social media is definitely the smartest way to connect with people around you, but that's not all! It can help you score some of the best online coupons for your expensive purchases.

Consumer expert Andrea Woroch said: "Retailers will occasionally post coupon codes on their social media accounts for loyal followers to use at checkout." She mentioned that just by 'liking' a certain hotel chain's Facebook page, she got a 15% off online coupon.

2. Install browser add-ons

One of the biggest benefits of shopping online is that you can compare the prices for a particular product that various retailers are offering.

You can make this entire process a simplified one. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss out, then it'd be wise to download a web browser add-on which can easily compare recent online coupons and deals for you. You will then be able to choose the best discount offer and save big bucks!

3. Register for one-time savings

If you're a new email subscriber then there are many retailers out there from whom you can expect some coupons and offers. Woroch said: "If you can't find a promo code to save money, sign up for the retailer's newsletter for a one-time discount." She added: "I got a code to receive 25% off a purchase at [a clothing store] while just signing up for the emails from the retailer."

4. Go incognito while shopping online

Being a little tricky could be one of the best online shopping tips. To shop incognito is one among them. It is already evident that e-commerce sites make use of location and browsing history to showcase various targeted ads and even adjust the prices of the products or services that they sell.

So, if you want to avoid paying higher then it is recommended you clear the cookies of your browser before you start browsing. Or simply use an incognito browser window when shopping online. It can altogether prevent tracking of your browser.

Kendal Pereza, a saving expert working with Coupon Sherpa said: "In Chrome, use the drop-down menu to select 'new incognito window' or right-click a link and select 'open in an incognito window.' In Firefox and Safari, the process is the same, but both call it a private window."

5. Set constant alerts for coupons and offers

If you often end up shopping online in a rush then it is recommended to set alerts at various popular deal sites. It could be one of the most significant money-saving tips that you can ever come across. All that you need to do is just click on ‘Deal Alerts’ of such websites and create notifications for products, stores, and various categories of products too. Once you are done with this, you will constantly receive alerts for all the latest discounts and offers. This leads to huge savings!

Wrapping up

These five money-saving tips are really worth going for if you are a frequent online shopper. Keep them in your head while purchasing online for next time and you will end up saving the most that you could do at any particular moment.

Happy and frugal shopping!

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