The bright lights and electric atmosphere of Las Vegas have earned its reputation as ‘Disneyland for adults’. Known worldwide for its epic clubs, flashy casinos, and wild parties, the aptly nicknamed Sin City is one of the world’s most exciting holiday destinations. Vegas can be the absolute dream location for hen parties and girls’ holidays, but without the right knowledge, it could turn into a nightmare.

Gambling on Female First

Gambling on Female First

To avoid leaving Vegas out of pocket, there are some tips on how to make sure your getaway with the girls doesn’t leave you reluctantly screaming ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. Read on to find out how you can avoid getting ripped off in Vegas this summer.

Avoid the tourist traps

Being ‘spontaneous’ and ‘going with the flow’ is all well and good, but without some solid planning, you could find yourself in the middle of a Vegas tourist trap. The best way to avoid this is by doing enough prior research. Online reviews of the venues on Google, Yelp or can be very telling. They are a great way to see if other customers have ever felt ripped off. Researching for more off-the-beaten-path clubs, casinos, and bars that are located away from the tourist traps on the main strip can also work in your favour. Try not to be tempted by the newest and flashiest venues, as this doesn’t always mean you’ll get the best price.

Watch out for hidden fees

When planning your trip, you also need to be aware of hidden fees. An increasing number of hotels now include a daily “resort fee” which can be as high as $45 per room per day. This might not seem like an extortionate amount, but it can really add up and make a big difference, especially if your hotel room was only $70 per night to start with. You need to watch out for this one and factor it into your budget as the resort fees are often not included in the hotel's rates but are collected once you checkout. The resort fees are often thought of as a scam as the benefits it comes with, such as free internet access, don’t always match the price.

Don’t forget about the service charge

Service charge is another hidden fee you need to be aware of. You may think you have found bargain prices for drinks and food, but some venues can add up to as much as 20 percent service charge on top. It’s always a good idea to find out what the service charge is before ordering to avoid being ripped off. This can often catch people out as the service charge does not include the gratuity that you are also expected to pay. Tipping in Las Vegas, as for the rest of the US, is typical and leaving without tipping can be seen as bad etiquette. As standard, 10-15 percent extra is a good rule of thumb which you should calculate into your budget when planning your trip.

Stick to a budget

It’s easy to lose yourself in Vegas’s playground, so making a realistic budget and sticking to it is very important. Setting aside a certain amount of money specifically for gambling purposes is a good way to limit yourself. You also need to make yourself aware of any casino entrance and playing fees before you gamble to avoid feeling ripped off with more hidden fees. Alternatively, online casinos are a great way to gamble for free, giving you more money and time to enjoy the city’s extravagant shows and parties.

Be wary of cabs

Las Vegas cabs are notorious for ripping off customers. A common scam is taking people on a longer route than necessary. This is especially common for Vegas first timers. One good way to avoid this scam if you find yourself in a Vegas cab is by not telling your driver that this is your first time. Another is to use Uber or Lyft apps as these services will let you know what the expected fare is before you take your ride so you can avoid paying more than the standard. There are also buses and shuttles available which offer a good alternative to high-priced cabs in the city.

Drink Sensibly

Las Vegas is synonymous with temptation. It’s hard to say no to another cocktail, especially during the highs of gambling. However, you might not make the best decisions when you’re five cosmos deep, which may result in you wasting money. Being too intoxicated can also make you more likely to fall victim to scammers. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people in Vegas to take advantage of a drunk group of girls, so it’s important to keep your wits about you when handling and exchanging money.

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