This random spell of sunny weather has got us excited from the Summer months ahead, and with the clocks going forward next month, we're counting down the days 'till we can put our winter coats away for another year.

The clocks are going forward in a few weeks time...

The clocks are going forward in a few weeks time...

Here are seven things we love about Summer.

Longer days

Sunday the 31st March. Put it in your diary. For us, the best day of the year.

Once the clocks go forward, life just seems to get better. How much more motivating is it when you wake up and it’s light outside, compared to waking up to miserable, dark weather?

Not only that, but you actually get to experience some sunlight when you leave work, too.

Everything just seems naturally more motivating when the days are longer. Roll on the end of March...

Drinks with umbrellas in

Seems a bit niche, but you don’t have to go abroad to get those holiday vibes in the Summer.

If last year is anything to go by, the weather in the U.K is on the up, and that obviously calls for more beer garden afternoons.

Popping a colourful umbrella in a cocktail just heightens those summer vibes. And if cocktails aren’t your alcoholic drink of choice, there’s nothing stopping you popping some beverage decor in a beer… We aren’t judging.

Al fresco

If you catch a day with little wind and ignore the flies and wasps that often bombard your plate when you’re on your patio, eating outside beats eating inside a million times.

We don’t really know why - maybe it’s just because you can - but eating al fresco is one of the best things about Summer. It’s exclusive to those warmer months, so make the most of it.

And of course, cooking outside falls into this category, too. Barbecues and ice-cream, we’re coming for you.


If you’re lucky enough to jet off during the winter then holidays aren’t as big of a deal to look forward to - but for those of us that save vacating exclusive to the summer months, it’s not only the highlight of the season, but also the year.

It’s not just the actual experience of being abroad that is exciting, either. The planning, holiday shopping and preparation for the break away is just as fun.

Just maybe not when we’ve overpacked by 10 kilos and have to start removing pairs of shoes from the suitcase...

Vitamin D

Our favourite vitamin - because it’s from sunlight exposure.

It helps regulate calcium for healthy bones, reduces the risk of flu and diabetes, and generally improves the immune system, keeping us from feeling fatigue.

So it’s scientifically proven that the sun makes us feel good...


So long to heavy winter coats and layers. And those wellies can go back in the wardrobe too - unless you’re going to a music festival, of course.

Out come the floaty dresses, the shorts and the camis. Everything just seems so much better in t-shirt weather.


We become naturally more motivated in nicer weather to work out. It’s very common to lack motivation to get to the gym in the winter months, but when the sun is out, there becomes more options to exercise in a preferred way.

Running in the park or going for a long stroll are some of our favourite outdoor exercises to make the most of.

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