These days, we find a lot of celebrity news out through Instagram, straight from the stars themselves.

Whether it’s a pregnancy announcement, a new campaign they’re promoting, or simply an insight into their daily life - the famous faces we follow online seem to be just as active on social media as we are.

But it isn’t always easy to keep up with everything online - so every Sunday we bring you our seven best Insta pic picks so you never miss out on the A-list goings on.

Here are this week’s VIIPs (Very Important Instagram Posts!)

Kim Kardashian’s hilarious ad

Ok, it’s an ad so not really a huge landmark life moment but it still had us laughing our heads off…

Kim has previously shared with her fans that her kids love The Secret Life of Pets so it didn’t come as too much as a surprise when she did a paid partnership post to promote the second movie.

What did shock some of us - and also had us in stitches - were the hilarious pictures of dogs posing like Kim K.

Just scroll through and see for yourself - classic.

Jameela Jamil hits 2m followers

To be honest, we’re upset she’s not the most followed person on Instagram, because social media would be a better place if everyone was inspired by her.

But she did hit the very deserving 2 million milestone this week and posted a thank you to her followers for the support.

And she didn’t just leave it there - she also tagged a tonne of other activists to follow to make our feeds a more positive place. And that is why we love her!

Britney’s post-therapy post

We’re so pleased to see Britney is out of therapy and embracing her silly side.

After spending some time getting some much needed TLC and working on herself, Britney seems to be ready for the world again, after she posted this cute video pulling some silly faces.

She said in the caption: “after therapy and being too serious it’s so nice to be silly”.

We hope Britney enjoys spending time with her loved ones now she is back on the road to recovery.

Kylie and Stormi’s Malibu snaps

Our hearts melted again this week when Kylie Jenner shared some more pictures of Stormi on Instagram.

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My Malibu baby 🌴💗

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This time they were of her and her daughter splashing about in a pool, and we couldn’t quite believe just how grown up Stormi already looks.

The water baby has adorable long curly locks and is looking less like baby Stormi and more like a toddler with each picture the beauty mogul mama shares.

Even though we wish she could stay tiny forever, we love watching Stormi grow up.

Kim K’s throwback for Scott

To mark Scott Dissick’s birthday, Kim posted these cute throwback pictures.

The photos from 2008 show a young Kylie Jenner sat with Scott.

Despite the sometimes-turbulent relationship the Kardashians have with Scott, Kim proved that family loyalty overrides any differences they may have, saying in the caption: “Scott I’ve known you for almost 15 years, we’ve all been through so much together and have the best memories! You are like my brother. I’ve seen you grow up and become the most amazing father and friend.”

We’re not crying, you are.

The Spice Girls are back

Minus Victoria...

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Tour life! #spiceworld #spicegirls

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If you’re going to see the Spice Girls on their reunion tour, we bet this video had you shaking with excitement.

We got serious FOMO watching this video that Emma Bunton upload earlier this week. We guess we’ll just have to deal with sitting in and watching everybody else’s snapchat stories of them living their best lives at the concerts.

Zig-a-zig ah...

But the Instagram post which is crowned our number one this week has to be…

Literally every Love Island post this week


Yes, we can hardly believe it has been a whole year since the last series already, but we are so ready the 2019 show to start.

This week, Love Island producers gave us a sneak preview to who will be entering the villa on Monday night, and with each post we got to know each contestant just enough for the internet to get super excited about our favourite Summer show.

Some of us will already have decided who we love and who we loathe - but only time will tell what they’re actually like once they’re in the villa.

We’ve got the popcorn ready.

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