Full English

Full English

In order to help the public make wise choices of varied foods abroad Superbreak has launched a range of food destination guides.

A third of people refuse to try out regional dishses when holidaying in Europe. Where has the dare devil in us dissapeared to? In a recent survey conducted by short break specialist, the results found 73% to have described themselves as adventurous when it comes to food...but shockingly, 48% from 1,000 people polled up saying that the holiday would be ruined if British food could not be found!

So in hope to make the public a little more adventurous when it comes to sampling regional cuisine, the guides outline the best places to grab a bite from, with key destinations - its time for us brits to go on a 'Holi-diet'....(get it?? Holiday....Holi-diet...okay nevermind) from British food on their future breaks!

The top five foods that Britsindulge in too much when on holiday are:

1. Full English Breakfast

2. Pizza

3. Fish and Chips

4. Hamburger

5. Roast Dinner

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