Regardless of whether you enjoy gambling, casinos often make the cool plot of a movie. Over the years, there have been some amazing gems of cinematic beauty that have seeped into popular culture and have lodged themselves there as absolute examples of what a great casino movie should be about. The movies we have in mind are some of the most compelling works of Hollywood, and they have their cult following.



No matter what generation you are from, you will find the following list of movies to be a truly outstanding selection and one well worth watching or re-watching when you get a spare moment. Most of these are now streaming on Amazon, Netflix and HBO Go, so you should have no shortage of options to go and catch a great flick about casinos!

1 - Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond movies and, according to many fans – the best. The movie is set in a casino in Montenegro where the dashing 007 is deployed to play in a game of high stakes with Le Chiffre, a super-smart international terrorist who is short on money and has decided to try his hand at winning a game of poker to fund his villainy ways. 

Everything about this movie is great, from the casino set to the actual game of poker that takes place, to the intermittent scenes of poisoning, people attacking Agent Bond with scimitars, and other nerve-biting moments that guarantee spectators a full and worthwhile experience. 

2 – Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's Eleven is a movie that will definitely stick with you. Danny Ocean, a gangster, decides to put together a crew and hit not one but three casinos in Las Vegas, and yes – he does mean to rob them. The plot revolves around his ex-wife, who is now dating a casino mogul, Terry Benedict, who is also an old nemesis to Ocean.  

To pull the job, Ocean pulls together a crew of criminal masterminds who take on the task of landing one of the most daring hits in the history of Las Vegas. If you want a good flick about casinos, that is it. 

3 – 21

21 follows the story of the notorious MIT Blackjack Team headed by an ambitious professor who takes a group of students and shows them a way to beat the house in Las Vegas. The arrival of Ben Campbell, a promising new student who is determined to make just enough money to put himself through Med School and is willing to use his knowledge of maths to help professor Micky Rosa in his technical defrauding of casinos. The idea that you can beat the house in a game of blackjack has been taken up by mathematicians time and again. And, according to the research they conducted, you absolutely can!  

4 – Rounders

Rounders is a unique movie about the underground gambling world of New York. While you won't see glitzy casinos in this movie, you will see what it is to lack one. Rounders follows the story of Mike McDermott, who wants to work his way through law school when he's dragged into a game of poker and ends up losing a lot. Determined to get back on his feet, he doubles down on his regular work hours and studies, but then his old life does find a way to catch up with him. 

5 – Molly’s Game

Molly's Game is a brilliant movie that, like Rounders, tells the story of a gambling organization. Casinos are absent as such from the movie, but Molly Bloom, the high-stakes poker hostess and a key character in the movie, is determined to do something about it. Molly is one of the most powerful figures in today's gambling world, and her story is worth seeing. 


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