McCree's old buddy Ashe is no longer on good terms with the original Overwatch hero, but she'll now be joining the roster as hero 29, following an official announcement at BlizzCon 2018. As the leader of the Deadlock Gang, she's someone who looks like she brings a lot of chaos to the battlefield, and even brings her destructive omnic companion B.O.B. onto the field as her Ultimate Ability. Check out her introductory video below:

Looking like someone who could work as a counter to plenty of heroes who have proven tricky to take down at the best of times, Ashe could be a real gamechanger when she makes her way into the game.

Aged 39, Ashe's full name is Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe, and goes by the catchphrase of "my business, my rules."

Respected in the criminal underworld, she's somebody who was born into a wealthy family and enjoyed privilege from her earliest years. Though she gained little attention from her parents, and was often left in the care of the family's omnic butler B.O.B., she had every opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, a chance meeting with Jesse McCree led to a string of petty crimes that led Ashe to her true calling, setting her off on the path of an outlaw.

Founding the Deadlock Gang with three others, Ashe would begin to move onto more dangerous heists and operations, with violence usually a primary part of what she got up to. Bringing the other criminal organisations throughout the American Southwest together, she used the business skills she gained from her parents to see everybody work together.

Photo Credit: Blizzard
Photo Credit: Blizzard

Ashe's principles are to "keep your word, don't work with the law, respect each other's territory, and always punish betrayal." Now utterly focused on making a name for herself after putting petty squabbles behind her, Ashe is at the top of authorities' most wanted lists, cementing a legacy that's sure to stand the test of time.

Concept art for Ashe and her loyal omnic B.O.B. was also revealed, which you can see below:

Photo Credit: Blizzard
Photo Credit: Blizzard

As a damage hero, Ashe quickly fires her rifle from the hip, or can use her aim-down sights to line up higher damage shots. Her semi-automatic rifle is called The Viper, and looks to be one of the more unique guns available in the game.

Dynamite and Coach Gun are Ashe's pair of abilities. The first sees our latest hero throw an explosive that will detonate after a short amount of time, or immediately when shot. Not only dealing damage through its initial explosion, the dynamite will cause damage over time by setting enemies on fire.

Coach Gun meanwhile sees Ashe blast enemies in front of her, knocking them back whilst propelling herself backwards for added mobility, and the ability to get out of sticky situations where other heroes may be dead men or women walking.

Finally, Ashe's ultimate is B.O.B., which brings her omnic ally onto the field. B.O.B. charges forward upon being summoned, knocking enemies into the air and then suppressing fire with his arm cannons when he lays down.

Photo Credit: Blizzard
Photo Credit: Blizzard

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