Christmas cupcakes won't be passing some people's lips

Christmas cupcakes won't be passing some people's lips

Christmas day is a time for indulgence, when we don't really think about the foods and drinks passing our lips, right?

Well, according to a new survey, not for all of us, as 21 per cent of people still diet on December 25.

In fact, 73 per cent of people claim to still count the calories of alcohol along with their food intake over the festive period.

The suvery, conducted by Herbalife, also revealed that everyone asked has undertaken at least one diet in their life, showing that the UK is in fact more weight-aware than many make us believe.
Diet and health appear to be bigger concerns than financial worries for 84 per cent of people in 2012. And despite the vast majority believing they are most successful at starting diets in January, most admit that they don’t actually feel their best until July.

The important thing for people seems to be starting their diets, with 50 per cent of all people apparently not tracking their success or failing to continue them after January despite monitoring what they’re eating.
Herbalife’s Gavin Aley, UK Country Director says: “These survey results are really quite alarming as people are clearly still worrying about weight issues over the Christmas period at the one time of year when it’s least expected.

"Herbalife believes that everything in moderation is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle but fear some people have taken this to an extreme level. A balanced diet over the course of the year will enable you to enjoy a few treats over the festive period.”

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