Diets can go one of both ways

Diets can go one of both ways

Diet, it’s a word that we seem to have a love/hate relationship with. We love it when it’s going our way and we can fit into our skinny jeans and we hate it when we’re just getting started and trying to fight the cravings.

It comes as no surprise that 10 per cent of dieters have been on one their whole adult lives, says new research by new weight loss aid XLS-Medical Fat Binder.

The findings suggest that diets aren’t working for the majority of women, as it leaves them feeling fed-up and frustrated. The research also revealed that shockingly, more than one in 10 women cut out meals to try and lose weight.

Juliet Oosthuysen, Marketing Manager at Omega Pharma – the makers of XLS-Medical Fat Binder, comments: “The so-called fad diets, or diets that are particularly restrictive in terms of cutting out food groups or meals, are likely to cause binge eating, potentially leading to weight gain not weight loss. A person can be good all week however, undo all that hard work from just one day of binge eating.

“It is important to follow a healthy, balanced diet that is realistic. As a guide, a healthy weight loss of one to two pounds a week is recommended however, this is dependent on individual needs.”

Diet tips from Helen Bond, Consultant Dietitian to the ‘123 hello me’ weight loss programme

·         Keep a food diary. Most of us literally don’t know what we are eating — or how all the things we unconsciously eat are adding up. According to research, ‘dieters’ who jot down everything they eat and drink lose twice as much weight as those that don’t. Seeing how much you actually eat in black and white might be all the motivation you need to take action

·         Don’t skip breakfast. Many people do because they don't feel they need to eat breakfast, they want to save the calories to eat later in the day or they just don't feel hungry first thing in the morning. Countless studies have shown that people who eat a high fibre breakfast (like wholegrain cereal with a sliced banana, wholemeal toast and a poached egg) lose more weight than their breakfast-skipping counterparts

·         Drink water before meals. A 12 week study of 48 people aged between 55 and 75 on low calorie diets found that those who drank two glasses of water before each meal lost an average of 4.5 pounds more than those that didn’t

·         Are you a chocoholic? If you are a bit of a chocoholic and cannot bear to give up chocolate completely, just get your fix from a smaller portion or grate a few squares to make it last longer. 1 full bar (49g) Cadbury’s Dairy Milk contains 257 calories, whereas if you just savour one chunk, you only get 35calories

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