Gemma Bissix reveals her enviable figure in Marilyn Monroe pose

Gemma Bissix reveals her enviable figure in Marilyn Monroe pose

Gemma Bissix reveals her toned, hourglass figure and shares her secrets on how she achieved it.

The actress has been reffered to as the 'biggest girl in Hollyoaks' and sometimes she finds it hard to fit working-out around her hectic schedule - just like so many of us.

She says that small changes to her diet, incorporating a manageable gym schedule and taking BIObind, a natural weight supplement, have helped her get back to her most comfortable and healthy size.

Gemma says: "I was practising vigorous dance routines for Christmas pantomimes, but when the season finished my belly ballooned by 2 inches. All the mayonnaise, cheese and chips stuck straight to my stomach and turned it into a bloated pot belly."

When she was just 15, Gemma developed an allergy to cocoa as the result of an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, since then she suffers from huge sugar cravings which she finds hard to satisfy. Like most she finds comfort in food that's bad for us.

"When I saw a photo my mum took of me sunbathing in June 2010, I was horrified. I refused to buy a bikini two sizes bigger than normal and decided to focus on getting my slim figure and curves back," she continues.

Gemma explains that she could think of nothing worse than following a fad diet and gruelling exercise regime, instead she made small changes to her lifestyle to help shift the extra weight.

She says: "I hate the idea of being a slave to the scales or the gym, so I promised myself I would only weigh myself once a week and aim to visit the gym three times a week, one more session than I was currently doing.

"I'm a big believer in real women, with real curves and real lives. So, my regime has to work around me. Life can be unpredictable and I need my gym routine and diet to be flexible! And if one week I slip up, I won’t beat myself up over it. I’m also raised in a family that celebrates food, so I don’t deny myself food that I love, but I am careful to watch portion sizes," she continues.

Gemma says the best way to avoid fatty foods when on the go is to prepare them beforehandm using Tupperware to store everything that you can from fruit to yoghurt. This way you can never use the old-age phrase 'I didn't have the time'. She also discovered BIObind, a new weight management product that helps to control the fat in your diet naturally.

Following this new regime, Gemma got her size eight hour glass figure back and a healthy BMI of 21, she says she is more body confident than ever. She uses BIObind to help her when she has diet slip-ups, that so many of us seem to have too.

"I refuse to compromise on high fat food such as mayonnaise as I can’t stand the lighter versions. When I’m particularly busy and I can’t make it to the gym, I use BIObind, a natural fat binder, to keep my weight in check. It means I don’t have to deny myself, and my diet works around me," she says.

Gemma will be taking part in Andrew Linford's play, The Busy Body - which is touring the UK from June 6.

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