A new campaign has been launched to raise awareness

A new campaign has been launched to raise awareness

Six out of ten people with dementia in England go undiagnosed, new figures have revealed.

This results in almost 400,000 people going without the vital support the NHS and social care services can offer.

The research, published by the Department of Health, revealed a worrying trend among relatives of dementia suffers to ignore the early signs of the brain condition.

Up to two-thirds of adults don't understand the differences between the normal signs of ageing and symptoms of dementia, says a survey.

A third also eblieves that there is no support available for people with dementia.

A campaign to raise awareness of the early signs of dementia is being launched by Care Services Minitster Paul Burstow.

He says: “People are afraid of dementia and rather than face the possibility someone we love has the condition, we can wrongly put memory problems down to ‘senior moments’.

“But if we are worried, the sooner we discuss it and help the person seek support the better. Don’t wait until a crisis. Being diagnosed with dementia won’t make the condition worse but leaving it untreated will.

“We can’t cure dementia, but we can help keep the person we love for longer.”

The National Audit Office estimates that, nationally, dementia costs health and social care services £8.2 billion per year. Alzheimer’s Research UK have estimated that the overall cost of dementia to society as a whole is £23 billion per annum. It is estimated that savings of £80 million could be made every year by improving hospital care for people with dementia.

Aimed at encouraging more people to seek an early diagnosis of dementia, the campaign targets the family and friends of people at risk of dementia who are likely to be the first to see the signs and can encourage their loved one to see their GP.

While there is no cure, the right treatment and support can help slow the progression of the condition – meaning people are able to keep the person they love for longer.

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