Some toys can make load noises if held up to the ear

Some toys can make load noises if held up to the ear

A noisy Christmas could result in permanent hearing damage, it has been revealed.

The Department of Otolaryngology at University of California tested some of this year’s most popular kids’ toys, with the results showing all exceeded 90 decibels and several reaching 100 or more – equivalent to the noise of a chainsaw or underground train.

Colin Campbell, Specsavers audiologist, says: "Children’s toys are generally safe if they are used at arms-length, however, as children like to bring noisy toys close to their ears the sound becomes more dangerous, and can cause permanent hearing loss for their very sensitive ears."

Mr Campbell adds that children’s toys are not the only danger to hearing at Christmas.

"Certain gadgets often given as Christmas presents can be harmful to adult’s hearing too. Earphones are one of the hottest gifts to give this year, and if they are used correctly should not cause a problem, but there is a risk of hearing loss if ears are being exposed to music at full-volume over an extended period of time.

"Likewise, with the festive season in full swing, party-goers need to be aware of the affect of loud music on their ears. Damage can begin with ringing in the ears or dullness after coming out of a club, and although it may go back to normal in a day or two, with continued exposure there can be permanent damage. If you can’t talk to someone who is next to you in a club without shouting, there is a chance of serious damage.

!Anyone who thinks they may be suffering from hearing loss should have their hearing checked as soon as possible. At Specsavers we recommend hearing tests every two years for those over 55 and if a loss is detected, annually thereafter. ‘

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