Kimberly Willis

Kimberly Willis

If we need any help shedding those extra pounds it’s after the festive period, so we spoke to Kimberly Willis the author of new book The Little Book of Diet Help to ask her what the hype about this little weight-loss bible was all about.

Kimberly decided to write the book after the success of the 10 week weight-loss course that she runs. “Some people are scared to come and see me because obviously I’m terrifying” She laughs. “So I did the course and then people were asking me to write up bits from each session and little bits like that so it came out of that”

The refreshing thing? This book is different from other weight-loss books. “It’s not telling you eat this, eat this, do this, have just pineapples for the month of august. It’s assuming that you’re a sensible woman or man and that you know what to, it’s meant as a helper.” She said.

The book can be used whatever your situation, “You can use it just by itself to help you or if you are doing Weight Watchers or Slimming World, whatever works for you. Everyone is so different so whatever works for you is good.” She said.

Kimberly wants people to feel that can still eat all foods and said the book allows for this and doesn’t make people feel bad for eating certain foods. She said, “Some days there might be a birthday cake at work and you might want to enjoy it and that’s fine. But I don’t want people to feel they are having to balance on this diet tightrope and if they fall off then that’s it and then eat the whole cake.”

The methods in the book are focused on your emotions towards food as well as food itself. Kimberly said, “The book focuses on the emotional side of it, more what’s going on inside of you rather than what you’re putting in and helping you break that down and look at it.”

There are interesting techniques in the book to stop cravings and realise whether you’re actually hungry or not, in Kimberly’s words, “when you’re thinking ’oh, should I have some more?’” The rubbing method involves rubbing your tragus (that little bit on your ear!) and can avert cravings. Kimberly told us how it works, “The ear is an acupressure point and it’s quite a well known one for being an apatite suppressant, so you can rub it until the craving lessens.”

There are other rubbing spots “Like rubbing between your nose and top lip, people who have been around babies will know that they rub that bit and it’s just a naturally soothing point and so if you have an unwanted food craving because you’re feeling a bit emotional or a bit not yourself and you’re sat there going ‘well I just need a bag of donuts, that would make me feel better’ well rubbing that bit can help sooth the mind and body.” Kimberly tells us.

“The tapping technique” Kimberly tells us, “is an EFT (emotional freedom technique) so if you have cravings and you tap on the energy points it settles any bad energy allowing you to relax and become calm.” The tapping map can be found in the book and tells you exactly where to tap and what it does!

When asked who the book is ideal for, Kimberly assured us that anyone can use it. She said, “People are busy, not especially woman but being a woman I know they’re busy, they have got children and work and balancing timetables against seeing people. Life is chaotic.

“I wanted a book that maybe people could have in their bag and just open up and go ‘That’ll be useful, brilliant I’ll use that’ and not have to wade through ‘How I Came To Run 10 Marathons A Year’ and ‘Why My Life Is So Wonderful’ because if you’re overweight and feeling a bit sad you don’t want to hear about how good so and so is doing, you just want to know ‘How can I not eat 10 mars bars?’”

The book has had a brilliant response so far. Kimberly tells us, “I’ve got a brilliant review on which is very encouraging. I’ve also given it out to people in my field and people who I know, and people are asking to borrow it from them so it’s been very encouraging.”

Kimberly is planning another book but has it under lock and key, “No, I can’t tell you about it, sorry!” she laughs. In the mean time she’s going to be continuing her weight-loss courses and has some exciting plans for the future. She said, “It’s called Hypslim and my plans are to start training other people to run it. I just want to pass it on to everybody and make people feel happy!”

Kimberly’s The Little Book of Diet Help is on sale now so put your Christmas money to good use!

Cara Mason