927 million prescriptions were given out last year

927 million prescriptions were given out last year

We are a nation of pill-poppers, according to new figures.

The number of prescription drugs being handed out has soared by 68 per cent in the past decade.

Medicines to treat diabetes are amongst the most costly - which is not surprising when you consider that obesity can cause diabetes - and we all know that the weight of the country is steadily increasing.

High blood pressure and heart failure accounted for a high number of prescriptions too.

Last year, a total of 927 million prescriptions were given out in England, up 68 per cent on 2000.

The NHS drugs bill rose by 58 per cent over the decade from £5.6billion to £8.8billion.

Factors that indicate why there may be such a huge increase include, a six per cent population rise over the period and an older demographic, according to the data from the NHS Information Centre.

"The big rise in prescribing largely reflects the impact of a growing and ageing population, as well as an increase in the prescribing of preventative medicines, such as low cost statins, for cardiovascular diseases," saya Care services minister Paul Burstow to the Metro.

"We are increasin investment in the NHS by £12.5billion but the NHS needs to be smarter with its resources," he adds.

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