Don't let the winter month dampen your spirit

Don't let the winter month dampen your spirit

The winter has most definitely set in, but don't let the blues get you down. Follow the tips to make sure you stay happy in the coming months. 

Plusnet has worked with leading psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall to create a remedy for keeping the nation happy, which involves spending more time withfriends and family, setting new goals, laughing, making bold decisions and giving back to the community.

Follow the five-step guide will ensure the nation doesn’t lose its current euphoria.

1. Friends and family come first

Now it is the time of year for visiting long distance families, often making long journeys to visit grumpy and critical relatives. Why not do things differently this year and put your immediate family and friends first. Spend more time with them with a relaxed way, rather than a rushed attitude. And when it comes to planning activities, try to only do things that appeal to all family members by mixing up activities, take pride in the simpler things in life. We needn’t break the budget to have a good time together.

2. Set new goals

Why wait until New Year to make resolutions, why not set yourself three new targets now to achieve over thenext year that will give you a good sense of personal pride. Aim for one small thing (e.g. keeping your post in an orderly place, sitting at the table when eating dinner), one medium (e.g. eat 10% less food, go for a hearty walk or run at least once per week) and one big achievement (e.g. quit smoking, save up for a holiday). Be reasonable but challenging, it makes you feel pride in what you do.

3. Laugh

Think about who or what makes you laugh the most, and make sure you spend more time doing those things with the people who entertain you the most; laughter does wonders for keeping spirits high.

4. Be bold

Say no to things that make you fundamentally unhappy. Take pride in being who you really are. Develop a ‘have-a-go’ attitude especially when it comes to trying new things. And give yourself permission to say how you feel, without being rude of course.

5. Be part of your community

Instead of immersing yourself in the lives of people in soaps, immerse yourself in your own community…whether it’s a zumba class, spinning, badminton or a photography group. Alternatively one or two hours working on a community project a week will lift your spirits, expose you to new ideas and new people, boosting your energy levels along the way.

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