2021 is almost over, and Christmas Day is almost here. Instead of adhering to the same traditions every year, why not try some brand new ones this Christmas Eve? Here are seven ideas for traditions to try this Christmas! 

Christmas is here! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Christmas is here! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Bake cookies for Santa 

Whether you have children or not, baking some cookies or biscuits on Christmas Eve is a wonderful tradition to keep. 

Each year you could attempt a different bake; you could try the classic chocolate chip, or branch out and try your hand at something a little harder, like making your own brandy snaps! 

Every year invites a new challenge, and gives you something to do every Christmas Eve that will be fun for the whole family, or you and a partner, or just you. 

Ugly sweater competition 

If Christmas isn’t the time for wearing a horribly obnoxious festive jumper, then when is? 

Whether you invite friends and family over, or you contain it to just the household, hosting an ugly jumper contest would be the perfect Christmas Eve activity! Everyone will have something different to show, and year after year will provide some hearty laughs from everyone taking part. 

You could even purchase a small prize for the winner, such as a box of chocolates or a drink of some kind; this is a fun-filled way to spend the run up to Christmas Day. 

Watch a festive movie 

While this may be a tradition everyone may do around Christmas, it could be a more personal tradition to perhaps pick out a certain holiday film to watch every year on Christmas Eve. 

Whether your favourite Christmas feature is Elf, Jingle All The Way, The Polar Express or Home Alone, choosing one to watch every year is a great way to cut out the conversation about what to watch, as you can settle down with a hot chocolate and relax, knowing you’ve made your choice already! 

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios
Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

Go Christmas lights spotting 

Many people go all out for the festive season, decorating not only their interior with magical lights and décor, but the exterior too. 

Spending a little time on Christmas Eve, if you’re able, to drive or walk around near you and check out what your neighbours have done. You might not see a lot, or you could see giant inflatable Santas, reindeers in gardens, and snowmen on the roof. 

Even if you don’t see many lights or decorations, getting out in the fresh (albeit cold) winter air will do wonders. 

White Elephant 

A wonderful Christmas Eve tradition would be to do a White Elephant gift exchange with the whole family. 

People pick someone to buy a gift for (anonymously), and when it comes time to open gifts, someone else may choose to steal the gift and open it themselves. 

This is a brilliant tradition to keep, as the gifts aren’t intended to be too personal, and no one knows what they will end up with! 

Festive dinner 

With Christmas Day being the ‘main event’, you won’t want to cook another meal the night before; so, why not make arrangements, if you can, for a meal of some kind to be delivered to your home. 

You could have any cuisine you’d like and put a festive spin on it; you could have Christmas Eve sushi, curry, Chinese food, anything at all! 

Christmas dinner is what many people have on the 25th, so why not try a completely different kind of feast the night before to add a little flair to your Christmas? 

Celebrate Christmas in style! / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Celebrate Christmas in style! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Gift a Christmas Eve box 

While we spend every Christmas Day exchanging presents, doing so the night before may seem trivial, but not if you put a special spin on it. 

Try your hand at making, or even personalising one online, a festive box in which to give gifts in year after year. Perhaps one or two novelty gifts to really get everyone into the Christmas spirit. 

This activity might just add a little extra fun to your Christmas Eve, and with the personal boxes being reused every year, there is always that added element of surprise as to what could be inside. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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